We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully released Vinnorokom quiz application version V.2.0.0 . We have released it with many more new feature and Hot poll system. It is not all for now , we are still working on developping the app to the end of user and client demand. As we dont have any automatic upgradation tool on the main app page I mean here Vinnorokom facebook viral quiz and poll app. So we would like to provide a brief idea and steps on how to upgrade the app menually. We just want you to follow the simple instractions and steps below:


1st step : Export full database and save sql file as backup file.

2nd step : Export your v.1.0.0 tables data only . No need table structure  . See image below :


If you are using phpmyadmin panel follow these steps , choose Export method as custom






Choose Output as Save output to a file




Choose Format specific option as data




Select Function to use when dumping data: INSERT





after all selection is done then press Go button, and download .sql file in download folder in your PC  .

3rd step : Now drop all tables from your database and extract version 2.0.0 folder and there is a sql file , Import this sql script file into your database .


4th step : Now you have migrated database now. Now we need you to import sql file again for getting existing data that you have already exported and saved in the 2nd step .

5th step : Goto Import option and choose sql file from your download folder and press Go.


Database migration is completed . Now you need to upgrade your files and folders with new version’s files .

Don’t replace all folders and files only below folders needs to replace :