If you are really worried about how to generate potential traffic to your website, this article should help  you to kick the worry out from your shoulder.

Are you thinking on how is it possible right ? 😉 let me bring you to the point.

Now  a days , people try hundred of ways to generate potential traffic to the website .

Facebook paying Ad and Google adsense are the most popular marketing systems out of all. But the fact is that you will have to pay to run one of them for per click or per website visit.

Because of so called user activities of  Facebook, it is sometime boring to the people.  People like to make fun as well as to know the unknown things.

Now let’s come to the solution !!

If you run some fan making stuff such as quiz, funny quiz, some interesting survey that would be more interesting to the people than any other so called facebook activities.

Are you able to install a simple quiz script to your website?

If your answer is yes, let me explain how 🙂 .

If you have a small local business and you have a restaurant or fast food shop, you can install such simple quiz script to your website. Now I am gonna show you some example quiz which you can run.

  1. Where is the busiest McDonald in the world?
  2. Munich
  3. Tokyo
  4. New York
  5. Toronto
  6. Which food contains natural antibiotic?
  7. Water
  8. Honey
  9. Carrot
  10. Kiwi

Waw looking interesting?It sounds great right? Yes you can install ans set up some quiz on your website and run it in your facebook.

Tips: A simple tip what i can suggest you to make quiz is just make some google search funny quistions to the google.com and set them up to your quiz group. Or think a few minutes you can make it yourself also.

Now your next question should be like

  1. Which quiz application should I install?
  2. Is it easy to install?
  3. Does  it have a proper support?
  4. Does it have a demo quiz?
  5. Does it have a step by step installation quid line?
  6. How the Quiz app goes viral?
  7. How does it bring a potential traffic to my website?
  8. Does it help to generate potential lead or user base?


  1. Which quiz application should I install?

I can suggest vonnorokom viral facebook marketing quiz app, a simple facebook viral marketing quiz application.

  1. Is it easy to install?

Yes. It is very easy

The main app page will give you all information and answers please click here

Hope the article will help you to recognize the right way to your website marketing.

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